Chak No. 88, Hasyana, District Faisalabad; August 2022:   On February 19, 2022, a police case was registered against four Ahmadis in Dijkot police station on demand of the opposition here for building minaret and writing Kalima on the Ahmadiyya mosque. The police pressurized Ahmadis to remove the minaret and the Kalima.

On August 5, the police sent for Ahmadis. The Ahmadiyya delegation went to the police station and met the senior police officers. They told the Ahmadiyya delegation that they were under a lot of pressure and the situation had become sensitive. If Ahmadis allow it, they will remove the minaret and the Kalima of the mosque. One senior police officer said that according to the Constitution, Ahmadis were not allowed to build minarets, at which he was told that there was no such provision. The police then threatened them with cancelation of their bails and inclusion of their names in the Fourth Schedule. The police told Ahmadis to remove the minaret and the Kalima within a few days.

On August 7, Ahmadis met with higher police officers on this issue. The officers told them that they were looking for a way out, only the minarets and Kalima should be removed, in first instance. At this, Ahmadis offered that they would raise their walls as to cover the minarets and the Kalima. In reply, the officers said that they would talk to the opponent party and then get back. They told Ahmadis that the law is against them; if the police wanted, they can remove both the things. Ahmadis told them that they will not do this themselves, nor would they allow any civilian do that, but if the police want to undertake this enormity, Ahmadis will not confront the police.