Quetta; August 2021: Mr. Muhammad Tariq is facing severe threats from Shabban e Khatme Nabuwat group for a long time. Earlier, the same group compelled his brother to flee from Quetta. Now they are active against Tariq. They came to his business place, gave him anti-Ahmadiyya literature, and urged him to recant from Ahmadiyyat. 

            Anti-Ahmadi mullas like Irfan Burq and Syed Anees Ahmad (a student of Manzoor Chinioti) also met Mr. Tariq and harassed him. They visited the neighborhood mosque of Mr. Tariq and agitated the residents against him. Consequently, he is facing a boycott from society. The opponents are pressuring his landlord to dehire the house let to Tariq. He is now searching a house where he could shift.

            A local informer told Tariq that he is under surveillance. This has caused him stress and affected his peace.