Lahore; June 2, 2021:The Daily Qudrat a YouTube channel uploaded the proceedings of June 2, 2021 of the Punjab Assembly. In the assembly, Mr. Nazir Chohan, Raja Basharat (Punjab Law Minister) and Mr. Saeed Akbar Khan Nawani etc. made speeches on the religious status of Mr. Shahzad Akbar and Ahmadis. They demanded formation of a committee comprising assembly members to probe the issue and demanded from Mr. Akbar that he curse the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community to prove his Islamic identity.

We withhold our comment and produce below translation of their speeches (extracts):

Mr. Nazir Chohan said, “If he is a true Muslim and a lover of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.), then he should confess to the media that he believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), and send la’anat (curse) on Mirza Ahmad Qadiani. ….

“The issue can be solved in two words fraternally; you have accused me; but tell me where you are. I will come to you and clear up the issue. I am a lover of the Holy Prophet, and I send countless curses on Mirza Ahmad Qadiani. …”

(One could hear from the rear lines hateful slogans: Countless curses on Mirza Qadiani.)

Raja Basharat Ahmad (Punjab Law Minister) said, “Mr. Chairman, he (Mr. Chohan) raised a question about someone and he (Mr. Akbar) answered his question. I think if a person stands up and says that he is a Muslim and he curses the Qadianis, then what will the committees do. … I curse, I am sending curse … And he has sent curse. … I send curse. All the honorable members send curse. … He (Mr. Akbar) has sent curse; his categorical statements have already been removed.”