Chak 79 Nawan Kot, District Sheikhupura; June 6, 2021:  Opposition to Ahmadis has grown exponentially here over time. For example, the desecration of graves occurred in 2020 and sacred words were removed from nine Ahmadis’ houses in April 2021.

As elsewhere in the Punjab, the opponents agitated to desecrate the Ahmadiyya mosque here as well; this became their priority. They lodged a complaint at police station against the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque. The police sent for the Ahmadiyya delegation to the police station on June 5 and told them to take down the minarets. Ahmadis refused to oblige. The police called them again on June 6, but an Ahmadi woman died that day, and the opponents attacked the funeral party. Essential details are mentioned below.

The wife of an Ahmadi Mr. Zafarullah died on June 6. At the occasion of the burial, the opponents announced on loudspeaker that Muslims should come to the graveyard and stop the proceedings. The burial was planned in the plot allocated to Ahmadis for this purpose.

Opponents arrived at the cemetery and disrupted the burial. The confrontation lead to a fight. Ahmadis retaliated defensively. A few persons were injured. Meanwhile, the police arrived, told Ahmadis to leave, and assured them of the security of the grave. Ahmadis left, but the opponents remained in the cemetery for some time.

Ahmadis pleaded with police that they had undertaken burial in their own part of the cemetery, but the opponents attacked them. The police reprimanded the protesters. The video of the fight went viral on social media.

On June 8, the opponents declared on social media that the Ahmadi woman would be exhumed. The matter was reported to the police. When the mullas gathered in the graveyard, the police also arrived there. The mullas could do nothing in police presence.

In these circumstances, the police registered two FIRs. One was against the mullas and their associates under the Punjab Sound System Act and the Corona Act for making provocative announcements from the speaker and gathering the people. The other FIR was over the fight. In this, 11 nominated and 20/25 unidentified Ahmadis, while 14 nominated of the opponents and 20/25 unidentified persons were mentioned.

A settlement was reached between the parties in the matter of burial in the cemetery. According to which Ahmadis could be buried at the allocated place. Similarly, the old graves of Ahmadis located in the opponents’ part of cemetery were not to be desecrated.

On June 9, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith (JAH) announced a rally, which was also publicized on social media. Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer the former president of JAH and other mullas gathered at Jamia Masjid Rabbani, Batti Chowk, Sheikhupura for this purpose. In a meeting between the police and the mullas, the latter made four demands:

  1. Dismiss all the registered cases against Muslims of the Nawan Kot village.
  2. Action should be taken against the Qadianis who waved their arms and opened fire at the funeral.
  3.  Qadianis should have a separate cemetery in Nawan Kot.
  4. The Qadiani woman who was buried in the Muslims’ cemetery should be exhumed and buried in the Qadianis’ cemetery.

The police, except for the exhumation, accepted all the demands of the mullas. Ahmadis were treated as ‘others’ and not taken in confidence. The mullas threatened with blockade of the Batti Chowk Road if their demands were not met by June 11.

With reference to the demolition of the minaret of the Ahmadiyya mosque, Ahmadis were apprehensive of police action against these.