Lahore; 2015-2021:  Ms. Faiza Ahmad, Ahmadi, had been teaching at Superior University since 2015 but had to resign on February 26, 2021 due to severe opposition.

Faiza faced opposition at the university for her faith. She was harassed in various ways. On days, she was maliciously assigned duty in the two campuses of the university at a distance of two kilometers. While she was doing her MSc, an attempt was made to block her distinctive success. She nevertheless stood first and won ‘Gold Medal’. Her opposition escalated when a university teacher went to England for a PhD, and the head of the department accused Faiza of sending him to England after converting him to Ahmadiyyat. Other teachers also joined the head in this case and accused Faiza of preaching Ahmadiyyat to students. A committee was set up to look into the matter, and they threatened Faiza that if the allegations were substantiated, she could be booked under PPC 298-C. In this situation, Faiza had to resign. When Faiza’s boss saw her resignation, he said happily, “It was very painful for five years. Thankfully, it’s over.”

Faiza’s brother Mujeeb Ahmad was a second-year student of UET when other students came to know that he was an Ahmadi. They started opposing Mujeeb, and at one occasion tried to strangle him. Similarly, Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad, the father of Faiza and Mujeeb, got a chance to study abroad, but someone informed the management of his Ahmadiyya faith. They sent someone else abroad in place of him.