Ahmadi arrested — charge upgraded

Chak 3/SP, District Okara; March 31, 2021:  Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Tahir was booked in a police case with FIR No. 217 under 16 M.P.O. at police station Haweli Lakha, District Okara on March 31, 2021 and was arrested. The plaintiff alleged that Mr. Tahir passed negative remarks about his religious program, which outraged him.

In response to  protest and march by the opposition, the SHO police added section 295-A to the charge sheet (it carries a maximum penalty of ten-year imprisonment and fine).

Only three Ahmadi families live in the village. The Ahmadiyya missionary has been shifted from there, given the hostile situation. Opponents demand that the three Ahmadi families be ousted from the village.