Four dragged into a fabricated police case

Chak 151/10-R; District Khanewal, March 30, 2021:  A police case was registered against three brothers and a nephew Messrs Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Alam and Mubashir Rehman with FIR No. 139 under PPC 298-C at police station Jhanian, District Khanewal on March 30, 2021. Of these Mr. Arif is not Ahmadi.

Mr. Arif used to pray in the non-Ahmadiyya mosque. Opponents stopped him from praying there saying that his brothers were Ahmadi, so they would not let him pray in their mosque. At this, they exchanged harsh words.

The opponents thereafter called for the expulsion of the listed people from their village. The demand was, of course, rejected.  At this, the opposition filed a false police case against them for preaching.