Khawaja Zahoor Ahmad
son of Khawaja Manzoor Ahmad, Sargodha
Martyred on October 4, 2012

Father of 5 Killed in the Streets of Sargodha

Khawaja Zahoor Ahmad Sahib son of Khawaja Manzoor Ahmad Sahib of Sargodha was martyred on the 4th of October 2012.

Khawaja Zahoor Ahmad left his abode on his cycle. On the way, were two people who were there from before. They used a pistol to shoot him, the bullet hit him on his neck, a nearby civilian reported the matter to the rescue team however, the aforementioned passed away before he could reach the hospital. He left behind his wife, two sons and three daughters.

Huzoor-e-Aqdas (may Allah strengthen his blessed hand) mentions in his Friday sermon on 5th October 2012:

“Khawaja Sahib belonged to a family of traders. Khawaja Sahib had to face oppression many times before. Earlier the same year, some locals forced the landlord of where Khawaja Sahib’s shop was, to kick Khawaja Sahib out, however, the landlord declined to do so. Upon this, these locals would sometimes put locks on the shop, and other times they’d seal it up. Despite these events, Khawaja Sahib remained adamant and steadfast. He lived an extremely simple life, and he’d be at the forefront in partaking in Jamaati works.”

(Friday sermon, 5th October 2012)