Ahmadis face false allegations and hostility at their jobs

Dera Ghazi Khan; March 2021:   Mr. Mubashir Ahmad is the headmaster of the Slow Learners Special Education Complex, Dera Ghazi Khan. His brother Mr. Zafar Ahmad is a clerk in the same school. Mr. Mubashir Ahmad’s wife Rashida Tayyaba is Headmistress Government Special Education Center, Dera Ghazi Khan. A sister of Mr. Mubashir Ahmad Ms. Zarghona Bashir is senior teacher at Special Education Government School for Deaf, Muzaffargarh. Another sister of Mr. Mubashir, Ms. Tehmina is teacher at Special Education Shadab School Dera Ghazi Khan. Similarly, another Ahmadi Mr. Shafiqur Rehman is teacher at Special Education School, Rajanpur.

All these Ahmadis belong to one family. They have been serving in the education department for long time. They are facing opposition and harassment for their faith. In Special Education, Shahid Nawaz group is active against Ahmadis and filing petitions against them with the officers of the department. During a ceremony at the Arts Council in 2016, a mulla Rahmatullah told Mr. Zafar Ahmad that he was not a Muslim. This caused a bit of commotion.

The former DEO Special Education Mr. Rafiullah went to a departmental meeting there the Education Secretary asked him of the problem with Ahmadis. The DEO replied that these people are working hard in Special Education and that is why the department is doing well. These people are good and sincere workers, he said.

Then the opponents filed a petition against Mr. Mubashir Ahmad and others through a sweeper of Special Education in which he accused them of making him work at their private institution and were pressurizing him to accept Ahmadiyyat, or face dismissal. It was, of course fabrication.

Similarly, those who support Mr. Ahmad etc. in the department are also harassed. In the above-mentioned petition, the sweeper also accused a non-Ahmadi and Ms. Rabia Nazar, both friends of the Ahmadi family.

In 2017, anti-Ahmadi Shahid Nawaz, the headmaster, harassed Mr. Shafiqur Rehman and told him that he would get him fired from the job. However, the DEO Special Education intervened and resolved the issue. A few months ago, antagonists of the Ahmadi family Mr. Shahid Nawaz was removed from the post of principal, which angered him and his family.

Mr. Mubashir Ahmad runs a private institution in Dera Ghazi Khan called Ghazi College of Social Sciences. The institute offers M.A. Special Education, M.A. Urdu, B.Ed. and Diploma in Speech and Language etc. This institution is registered with University of Education Lahore. The principal of this institution is a non-Ahmadi. Opponents are opposing this institution. False anonymous petitions were filed against this institution including allegation of preaching Ahmadiyyat in it. Tahrik Khatme Nabuwwat is active in this matter.

In November 2020, a report was submitted by the Special Branch to their seniors on an anonymous complaint made against Mr. Mubashir Ahmad. The report contains, “Grouping is going on in the Special Education Complex. Shahid Nawaz Group continues to oppose Mubashir Ahmad Group because of its Qadiani religion. Even before that, anonymous applications were made in 2014. In this petition, allegations have been made based on Qadiani religion, these have not been confirmed, and the anonymous petitioner has not been identified.”

Opponents have repeatedly plotted to fabricate police cases against these Ahmadis. In these circumstances, Mr. Mubashir Ahmad has asked for two-months’ leave  to avoid the conflict. Mr. Shafiqur Rehman has been transferred. Ahmadis prefer peace at jobs; they feel stressed under the circumstances.