Kotli, AJK; March 25, 2023: Mr. Muhammad Rafiq, an Ahmadi stamp-paper seller at judicial complex Kotli was threatened by a mulla to erase his name from his nameplate.

Muhammad Rafique works in the judicial complex of Kotli where the clerical workers, including Mr. Rafique, have pasted a print of their names behind their working desks. On March 25, a mulla came and told him that being Qadiani he could not write ‘Muhammad’ with his name. He told him to remove it and threatened him that legal action would be taken against him in case of non-compliance. He took a photograph of the nameplate, and then went on to other non-Ahmadi stamp-paper sellers to agitate the issue.

Another report. The Ahmadiyya missionary of Kotli city regularly goes to an Ahmadi’s house to teach. A person in the neighboring non-Ahmadi house was overheard saying that a man and a woman regularly visit Ahmadis’ houses, and he would shoot them. This person is mentally deranged and is a quarrelsome drug addict.