Chak 565 GB, Faisalabad; March 22, 2023: A policeman of local police station visited the local Ahmadiyya mosque. Subsequently in the afternoon, the local Ahmadi president was told to visit the police station. It was further learnt that two persons belonging to TLP had got registered a complaint against the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque and the Ahmadi delegation had been called regarding the issue.

Both parties were present at the police station. The SHO assured the parties that the issue would be resolved as per law, and referred the case to the DCO Faisalabad. He also asked the parties to sign, agreeing that they would not indulge in any unlawful activity till further orders from the higher authorities.

Here, it is relevant to mention that Tehrik  Labbaik (TLP) is a politico-religious party that indulges in violence to achieve its political objects. Sometimes back, it created immense problems for the government in its violent march on the capital. The frightened government has since adopted the policy of appeasing the firebrand mullas, whenever they bring up an anti-Ahmadi demand.