Mithi, District Tharparkar (Sindh); September 2022:    Muhammad Ashraf opened a retail shop in front of the police-line in Mithi. When people came to know that he was an Ahmadi, some of them expressed hostility. A man living near the shop told the people not purchase anything from him. The man told the owner of the shop that if he got the shop vacated from the Qadiani, he would pay him double the rent. Thereafter he sent the local cleric to the shop owner. The cleric threatened the owner that if he did not get the shop vacated, a police case would be filed against him.

The owner informed Muhammad Ashraf about the whole situation. One day when he was sitting with Ashraf, the opponents, the cleric and a few locals came to the shop and said that they will rent the shop and pay double the rent but they will not tolerate any Qadiani’s shop in their locality. The cleric told him that this was absolutely right; trade with Qadianis is illicit (in Sharia) so, the owner asked Ashraf to vacate the shop. Ashraf had to agree.