Death during incarceration (Bahawalpur)

Bahawalpur; January 19, 2022:       Mr. Asghar Ali Kalaar,Ahmadi prisoner in a religion-based case died today. He was 70.

            Mr. Kalaar accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1971. He was a very decent and genuinely pious person and developed well as a practicing Ahmadi.

            In September last year, anti-Ahmadi elements conspired successfully to use his mobile phone ID to get him implicated in a blasphemy accusation. He, of course, could not even imagine insulting the Holy Prophet PBUH. Hafiz Javed Mustafa, a cleric of Jamia Saeedia, Bahawalpur had him booked by the police and arrested under PPC 295-C  (penalty death). It is noteworthy that anti-Ahmadi mullas do not hesitate to indulge in fraud, lies and deceit to worsen Ahmadis.

            While incarcerated, he developed serious health problems. They admitted him in Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur. Doctors undertook his endoscopy and administered him five bottles of blood.

            After the arrest, Mr. Kalaar had applied for bail that was pending before an ASJ. On January 8, the ASJ told the police to put up relevant records on next hearing, scheduled on January 11.

            Mr. Kalaar health worsened and he vomited blood. He died in hospital on January 10, fifteen weeks after arrest in a fake and fabricated case.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on
14th January 2021:

”At present, I would like to speak about some deceased members, among whom
the first mention is of Chaudhry Asghar Ali Klar Sahib, who was imprisoned in
the way of Allah. He was the son of Muhammad Sharif Sahib Klar of Bahawalpur.
On 10 th  January, he became unwell whilst he was in prison and passed away in
In this way, he will be counted amongst the martyrs. According to the details, on
24 September 2021, he was, God-forbid, charged under the blasphemy law,
under Section 295-C, at the Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Police station in Bahawalpur.
They instantly sanction Ahmadis under the blasphemy law. He was arrested on
26 September, after which the deceased remained in Bahawalpur jail. On 4
January, the deceased was transferred to Bahawalpur Hospital after vomiting
blood and received treatment. However, on 10 January, just before the time of
Fajr, he passed away in hospital whilst in a state of imprisonment. “
(Friday Sermon 14 th January 2022)