Raziullah Din, Karachi
Martyred on February 08, 2014

Young father killed on his way to work on 8th February 2014.

Raziullah Din was martyred on the 8th February 2014 as he left home for work in Karachi, Pakistan. Two unknown bikers fired shots at him. he was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries and became a martyr.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 14th January 2014,

“He was 26 years old and had been working in a factory for the past six years. He was a kind and caring person who was ardently devoted to Khilafat and had a great deal of respect and regard for Nizam-e-jamaat. He was a moosi and was actively involved in Jamaat duties and had often expressed his desire to become a martyr. He was the only breadwinner of his family and leaves behind his wife and six-month-old daughter. May God elevate his status and grant steadfastness to his family and keep them in His protection.

(Friday sermon of 14th January 2014)