Bushra Begum 55 Years old, Hira Tabassum 6 Years Old and Kainat Tabassum 8 Months Old, Guranwala
Martyred on July 14, 2014

On 27th July 2014 extremist opponents of Ahmadiyyat attacked and set fire to Ahmadi homes in Kachi-Pump, Arafat Colony, Gujranwala which resulted in the martyrdom of 55-year-old Bushra Begum , 6-year-old Hira Tabassum and 8-month-old Kainat Tabassum.

Kainat Tabassum (8 Months old)

On the day of the attack one of the sons of the deceased lady Muhammad Ahmad Sahib went to a nearby clinic to get medicine after iftari. He saw his cousin, Waqas Ahmad being held by some people. when he approached and asked what the matter was, they started using abusive language and alleged that an Ahmadi youth had, God forbid, affronted a photograph of the Khana Kaaba on Facebook. It was clear that this was all premeditated as they quickly resorted to attack using broken bottles. Seeing the situation get out of hand, Muhammad Ahmad phoned his brother Muhammad Buta Khan and Uncle Fazal Ahmad and asked them to come and help. Fazal Ahmad sustained some injuries as a result of the glassing but the situation eased and they went home. A short while later the doctor in front of whose clinic the incident took place, rang and told Muhammad Buta that people were gathering to form a rally and were preparing an attack. Shop owners were instructed to their shops and warned that whoever refuses, did so at his own peril.

There were eighteen families in the area, but after hearing of the orchestrated attacks, fifteen families left. However, families of Muhammad Buta, Fazal Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf Sahib, Sadr Jamaat and his brother’s family remained. Thus, at around 8.30pm the opponents attacked, raising extremist slogans and firing their guns. Police has given incorrect reports that firing was carried out from both sides. This is categorically false, no Jamaat member fired any shots. The Shia residents in the area, of whom many had given statements of the Ahmadis being involved in firing their guns, were themselves complicit in the attacks. When Sadr sb reported the severity of the attacks to the police, he was told that there was an officer on site and that the attackers would be reprimanded. This did not happen. The extremists proceeded to attack one more time and were armed with hammers and firearms. A huge mob had gathered and they broke the electric meters and cut off cables. Due to the severity of the situation Sadr sb and his brother’s family took refuge on the rooftop of his non-Ahmadi neighbour. the extremists entered the house and found their way to the room where eleven women and children had taken refuge. They attempted to break down the door but to no avail. Having realised they could not find their way in they decided to block the door so that it could not open from the inside. They proceeded to smash one of the windows and burn plasticware and other materials which caused the room to become filled with toxic smoke. The barbaric extremists mockingly gestured with their hands and said goodbye to the women and children and left. The smoke inhalation proved to be fatal and took the lives of Bushra Begum and her two granddaughters, Hira and Kainat.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 1st August 2014,

Bushra Begum Sahiba is said to have been regular in offering her Salat and tahajjud prayers. She recited the Holy Quran regularly and was a very friendly, compassionate and hospitable person. she was very courteous and ready to serve the Jamaat in any way possible. At the time of her martyrdom she had a gold ring on and earrings. She also had some cash on her, perhaps with the thought that they may leave the area. After her post mortem, the oppressors even stole her jewellery. Only a day earlier she had organised iftari for her neighbours and the martyred little girl Hira had gone to neighbours with the food.

The entire family is very decent and sincere. The Jamaat in that area had been formed due to their efforts. They had also formed a Salat centre there. They were at the forefront of giving chanda and were also ever ready to serve in every way. Bushra Sahiba leaves behind three sons and two daughters, whereas the little martyred sisters leave behind their mother and father, a five-year-old brother and a three-year-old sister.

(Friday sermon of 1st August 2014)