Dr. Mubasher Ahmad Khosa, Mir Pur Khas
Martyred on September 22, 2014

Unknown assailants murder much loved Doctor Mubasher Ahmad Khosa at his clinic on 22nd September 2014.

Dr Mubasher Ahmad Khosa was martyred in Mir Pur Khas, Pakistan on 22nd September 2014. He practised homeopathy from his clinic where two unknown assailants came on a motorbike. One of them proceeded into the clinic where he shot Dr Mubasher sahib five or six time in the head and chest. He died instantly.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 3rd October 2014,

“God had granted him great healing powers and that feudal lords of the area would often come to him for treatment. Everyone in the area knew that Dr Mubasher Ahmad was an Ahmadi but there was no opposition. So much so that the Imam of a mosque adjacent to his clinic did not say anything against the Jamaat and was on good terms with Dr Mubasher sahib. Huzoor said that Dr Mubasher sahib served the Jamaat in many capacities and was at the forefront when it came to making sacrifices. He was of simple nature and had an ardent love for Khilafat. He was a softly spoken man who was fervent in obedience and was dignified. He gave up the habit of chewing paan (a betel leaf preparation) because he felt it hindered his invocation of Durud Sharif. He was a moosi and leaves behind his parents, wife, two daughters and two sons.”

(Friday sermon of 3rd October 2014)