Ijaz Ahmad Kiyani, Karachi
Martyred on September 18, 2013

Ijaz ahmad kiyani was martyred on 18th September 2013.

Ijaz Ahmad Kiyani Sahib was martyred in Orangi Town, Karachi on 18 September. As he left for work in the morning on his motor bike two unknown assailants fired and martyred him. Eye-witnesses have said that he had only gone a short distance from his home and had slowed down due to a speed-breaker in the road when he was shot several times. The shooting continued as he fell and struggled to get up.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 20th September 2013,

He was 29 years old and was married in 2009. He was employed at the Pakistan Military Ordinance. Last month his brother-in-law Zahoor Ahmad Kiyani Sahib was martyred in the same area of Karachi. His martyrdom had deeply affected Ajaz Sahib who had said that he wished he had been in his brother-in-law’s place. Ajaz Sahib’s mother says that he was born after many prayers following four sisters and was very kind and considerate to his mother and all family members. His wife has also said that he was a very good son, brother and husband. She said he was very supportive and comforting whenever she had any worry and drew her attention to God. He leaves behind his widow, a four and a half years old daughter and one and a half years old son. The situation in Karachi is very bad. It appears that a posse has been allocated target-killing of Ahmadis. May God soon bring about their chastisement! In reality all this is taking place on the behest of the Maulwis and seconded by the government. May God also soon bring about chastisement of this cruel group! There is a great need for prayers; situation is especially terrible in Karachi but is generally bad in the whole country, including Lahore.

(Friday sermon of 20th September 2013)