Jawad Karim, Lahore
Martyred on June 17, 2013

  Jawad Karim was martyred on 17th of June by four unknown assailants who entered his house and fired by him, in Lahore.

Jawad karim was from Green Town, Lahore and was martyred on 17 June by four unknown assailants who entered his house and fired by him. Jawad sahib lived on the first floor while his brother and mother resided on the ground floor. At 7.45 pm unknown assailants entered the house and called out for him. They shot him in the heart. On hearing the commotion his brother emerged from the house, the assailants shot in the air and said to his brother that he was next and fled. Jawad sahib was taken to the hospital but he was martyred on his way there.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 21th June 2013,

“Ahmadiyyat came in the family of Jawad sahib through his maternal great grandfather who took Bai’at on the hand of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Jawad sahib was 33 years old and was a Moosi. He had his own business. His wife is a doctor and he also managed her clinic. He was a gentle, sincere person who was compassionate towards everyone. His house was a Salat centre for a long period. He served Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in various capacities. He was very generous in chanda-giving. He leaves behind his widow and three young children.

His mother, Razia Karim Dehlvi sahiba, born in 1947, suffered a heart attack at the time of Jawad sahib’s burial and passed away. She was a retired school headmistress who was active in Jama’at work. May Allah elevate the station of the deceased and be the Helper of the bereaved family and strengthen their connection with the Jama’at. In response of message of condolence from Huzoor, Jawad sahib’s brother said that they were ever ready to give their lives for the Jama’at. While may God grant them courage, may He also keep them safe!”

(Friday sermon of 21th June 2013)