Abdul Qadir Sahib
son of Bashir Ahmad Sahib
Martyred on February 11, 2021

A 65-year-old doctor was shot at his clinic; he was very compassionate and sociable. He is survived by his wife, four sons and five daughters.
Earlier he survived an attack on 19th Jan 2009, which forced him to resettle his family to Rabwah. He also had to change his residence seven times in order to avoid persecution.

Abdul Qadir Sahib was martyred on February 11 2021. He was present in one of the rooms of the clinic with other members of the Jamaat to offer the Zuhr prayer. A bell sounded from the door which the patients would use. When Abdul Qadir Sahib opened the door, a youth in the guise of a patient opened fire on him, as a result of which he was severely injured. He sustained two gunshot wounds to the chest. He was immediately taken to hospital, but he succumbed to the injuries he sustained and was martyred.

His grandfather accepted Ahmadiyyat during the time of the First Caliph, after his older brothers had gone earlier to meet the Promised Messiah(as).

He is survived by his wife, four sons and five daughters.

While remembering him, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his helper) said that Abdul Qadir Sahib loved Khilafat a great deal and had a zeal for propagating the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat, due to which he was made to face great opposition. He always treated his wife and children with great kindness. He was regular in offering prayers, in fact, his prayers were such that his family would often check to see if he was alright as he had been in prostration for so long. His Holiness(aba) prayed that may elevate his station in Paradise, protect his family and enable his children to keep the legacy of his virtues alive.

(Friday sermon of 26th Feb 2021)