Peshawar; November 2022: A minor named Imran Ali falsely accused Mr. Abdul Majeed, Ahmadi, aged 20, of blasphemy on September 10, 2020. The police succumbed to the pressure of mullas and registered a fabricated case against him under section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, with FIR No. 648 at police station Phandu, Peshawar. He was arrested on 13.09.2020. He is currently in Peshawar Jail. His family had to leave the town. His father passed away during his incarceration.

Since the registration of the case and the arrest, the hearing of this case was going on in the Sessions Court Peshawar. Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Aurangzeb Khan heard this case. On completion of the trial, The ASJ acquitted Mr Majeed of the blasphemy charge but declared him guilty of hurting religious feelings thereby awarded him 5 years imprisonment. Majeed has been in captivity in Peshawar Jail for more than two years now.