Chichoki Mallian, District Sheikhupura; October 29, 2022:  Opponents are busy in anti-Ahmadiyya activities here. In October 2022 the opponents graffitied “295-C Red Zone” opposite to the Ahmadiyya mosque. Ahmadis informed the police who erased the graffiti.

            Local TLP activists sent a minor girl to the local Ahmadiyya president home with planning to falsely prosecute Ahmadis. Meanwhile the miscreants stood outside and provoked the locals by accusing two Ahmadi brothers for amoral act with minor girl. 

            The police booked Inamullah and Nouman Ahmad, two Ahmadi brothers, on fabricated false accusation with FIR No. 878 under articles 109, 511, 376/3, 363 on October 29, 2022 at police station Housing Colony, Sheikhupura. They were arrested.

            Additional Sessions Judge Sheikhupura Sanjeeda Akhtar rejected their post arrest bail.