Chak No. 46 North, District Sargodha; September 2022: Mr. Asad Akram Khachela, son-in-law and nephew of Muhammad Aslam Khachela, filed a petition with the Sessions Judge against seven Ahmadis under section PPCs 22-A and 22-B. He complained against mosque-style minarets on the Ahmadiyya place of worship, copy of Quran with Ahmadiyya translation and a booklet written by the founder of Ahmadiyya Community etc. He accused Ahmadis of committing a crime by building their place of worship in the style of a mosque and storing hateful material. He demanded registration of a criminal case and severe action.

The judge told the police to inquire and report. The police did the investigation and reported that the place of worship was old. There are two small minarets and no loudspeaker is installed. No audible call to prayer is made. The minarets are 45-46 years old, and no impartial evidence is available regarding the distribution of pamphlets. The petitioner has neither appeared nor produced any local person in support of the allegations. Tariq, who had been named in the application regarding the advertisement, stated that the statement in the application was not presented to him. His name was deliberately included in the application without his consent. Similar requests were made earlier by the two parties. The application has been found to be fabricated and baseless. It has been made only to pressurize the Qadiani community, the police reported.

The case remains sub-judice.