Sangla Hill, District Nankana; 14 July 2023:

TLP (Tehrik e Labbaik Pakistan) arranged a protest rally here recently against the sacrilege of the Holy Quran in Sweden. Therein they delivered anti-Ahmadi speeches also. The next day, an announcement circulated on social media that “Tehrik e Labbaik Pakistan PP 131 gives an ultimatum to the authorities to destroy the minarets of the Qadiani worship place by 15th of Muharram, situated on Faisalabad Road, we would otherwise announce our next plan of action” The announcement was made by Qari Tasawwar Hussain, Ameer Tehrik e Labbaik Pakistan PP 131.
The SHO of the City Police Station sent for the Ahmadi delegation on July 18 and told them that mullas had come to the police station and demanded the demolition of the minarets. He told the president of the local Ahmadiyya community to sign an affidavit that in adherence to the Constitution of Pakistan, Ahmadis would not construct their worship place resembling a mosque, and if there were any constructed minaret, they would cover it. The SHO gave 4-5 days to complete the task. Under stress and pressure, the president complied with this unlawful order. Ahmadis covered the minarets with a fiber shed so that they could not be seen from the outside.