78 Janubi, Sargodha; July 11, 2023:
Wife of an Ahmadi, Mubashar Ahmad, passed away here. Ahmadis arranged her burial in the common graveyard. Some opponents objected to this and filed a complaint with the police. Mullas started gathering in the graveyard. The police arrived along with the Patwari (local land revenue official). He stated that of the 2-acre land allotted for the graveyard, one acre is available in which the burial can be undertaken. The agitators, however, did not agree to this, and even the police failed to implement this reasonable proposal. Ahmadis had to bury the deceased in her farmhouse. An Ahmadi had been buried in that graveyard only a fortnight before.
The situation remains hostile in the area. A video is being circulated on social media in which mullas can be seen demanding the removal of dead Ahmadis from their graves in common graveyards and to be shifted elsewhere. They grossly indulged in hate speech.