Sillanwali, District Sargodha; May 2021: Repairs were undertaken in the Ahmadiyya mosque here. On April 24, the flooring was underway when the material ran short. At the time, a member of the team overseeing the work received a phone call from a security official and then a municipal official, concerning the work. Shortly afterward, the Assistant Commissioner came over and told the workers to stop the work, otherwise, their machine would be confiscated. At this, the workers took their belongings and left. Meanwhile, a group of mullas came over to the spot and tried to gather a crowd at the site. Someone told them that the police had arrived, and they left.

A policeman was sent by the DSP, who inspected the work on the spot and said that work may be continued but no new construction be undertaken. Thereafter a security agent came over, took a few pictures, and directed the Ahmadis to undertake no new construction.

Ahmadis thereafter persuaded the contractor to continue work. After completing it, when asked to undertake some more work, he flatly refused and said that some mullas visited his house and threatened him and his family over undertaking work for Ahmadis. He said that he told the mullas to let him complete the promised work, for which they gave him two days.

There is still a lot of repair work to be done in the Ahmadiyya mosque but it cannot be undertaken in these circumstances.