Gujranwala; February 12, 2023: Some policemen showed up at the residence of an Ahmadi, Munir Ahmad Khokar, at Ameer Park, Gujranwala. They inquired about his religious identity, and stated that they had received a complaint against the words “MashAllah” (what God has willed) engraved on the tiles of his house’s façade, these would be removed. The residents of the house urged them not to do so. Meanwhile, non-Ahmadi neighbors came over and asked the police to refrain from the enormity. The police replied that if anyone had any reservations, they should come over to the police station. This was an unwelcome invitation in Pakistani environment. So the police removed the tiles on which the holy words were written.

Thereafter, these policemen went to another house of an Ahmadi. They asked for Naseem Ahmad, but he was away at work. Before the local Ahmadi office-bearers could arrive, the opponent mullas removed the inscribed wording of “MashAllah” from the residences of two Ahmadis, Naseem Ahmad and Mansoor Ahmad, and took these away.

An Ahmadi community official was told subsequently that the mullas had come over, so the DSP had to send the police team.