Martin Road, Karachi; January 18, 2023:  Opponent of Ahmadiyyat are primarily busy nowadays desecrating Ahmadiyya mosques and graves. They were active in the Punjab, but lately they have spread their mischief to Sindh. They desecrated minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Martin Road, Karachi. Earlier they got registered a police case under PPC 298-C against Ahmadis for constructing a mosque-style worship place. Encouraged this way by the timidity of the police and the administration, they upgraded their depravity.

            On January 18 in the afternoon, more than a dozen miscreants come to the Ahmadiyya mosque. Some of them climbed up a ladder to reach the roof of the mosque. They tore down the two minarets of the mosque with hammers.

            Ahmadis informed the police, but before the police arrived they fled away.