Chak No. 128, District Sahiwal; August 6, 2022:   Mr.Shamshad Ahmad’s father Mr. Abdul Shakoor, a Pak soldier, died in the 1971 war. The army decided to install a memorial board in his native village; and for this, they invited Shamshad Ahmad, his sister and mother at the site.

On August 6, the troops in plain clothes arrived at the spot and started placing the board in a square twenty kilometers from the village. Meanwhile, Shamshad and his sister received a phone call that announcements had been made in two mosques to gather people in the square. At the time, the army personnel stepped up their work, while people started gathering there. The army personnel left as soon as the board was installed. Then the crowd tore down the board. They were apparently led to protest against the word Shaheed (martyr) for Mr. Shakoor. The infamous TLP led the protest.

The mob beat up Shamshad Ahmad and his sister. Some of Shamshad’s family members sat in their car and tried to escape, but people coming from the village stopped them and tortured them. These victims somehow managed to escape, but having gone a little further, they stopped the car for some check-up. The mob caught up with them, so they left quickly to reach safety.

Shamshad Ahmad and his sister were severely harassed and tortured by miscreants. They numbered around four hundred. The mob shouted intentions to stone them. The video of this incident went viral on social media.

Shamshad soon went back to Germany with a heavy heart.