Dherokay, District Toba Tek Singh; January 26, 2021:  A few miscreants put up anti-Ahmadi banners here and agitated the public over Ahmadis’ tombstones issue. They also submitted an application to the police against Ahmadis accusing them of using Islamic expressions. The police took action accordingly and covered up the Arabic phrases on Ahmadis’ gravestones with cement.


On December 5, the Assistant Commissioner and Patwari visited the village in order to make enquiry. 

On January 26, the TehsildarPatwari, and SHO visited Ahmadiyya cemetery in the village and asked Ahmadis to break the tombstones cemented earlier. Ahmadis refused to do that. These government functionaries then hired a mason from the village and broke down the tombstones. An Ahmadi was making a video, the police detained him and released him later, but kept his mobile phone with them and forbade all to make a video.

After the operation in the cemetery, they went to the Ahmadiyya place of worship and asked Ahmadis to break the names of Allah Almighty, but Ahmadis refused to do so. They broke down Allah Almighty’s names in the place of worship with the help of a mason. They turned off the cameras there and took the DVR with them, saying they would return it later. The operation lasted till sunset. A large number of non-Ahmadis were present at the occasion. 

The SHO told Ahmadis to break the sacred writings from their houses by themselves; Ahmadis refused to do so. The police then threatened to break down the sacred writings from Ahmadis’ houses.