Chak Beli Khan, District Rawalpindi; 2021:   Mr. Zafar Ahmad runs a book shop here. For some time now, he has been facing hostility of mullas, it is increasing day by day.

In November 2021, two non-Ahmadi men of village Raika Meera came there and made inquiries about the Qadiani’s shop.

Now, the shopkeepers in the bazaar suggest to customers to make no purchases from his shop as he is a Mirzai and tell them that they do not trade with him in any way. This is affecting his business. Nearby hoteliers, do not sell him food. The fellow shopkeepers who used to eat together, now boycott him on mullas’ calling.

In September 2021, a shopkeeper who had been hostile to him came over, beat him up and threatened to kill him. There is a mosque in front of his shop where for some time now hate speeches are made against the Ahmadiyya community in Friday sermons. This has worsened the situation.

In August 2021, two mullas came to his shop and advised him that he should change his religion, or leave Chak Beli Khan, otherwise they would kill him. Ahmad reported the visitors to the local police who registered an FIR against them. The police interrogated one, Mufti Dawood Siddiqui. This mulla runs a madrassa in Raika Meera village and makes hate speeches against Jamaat Ahmadiyya on loudspeaker.

In March 2021, the vernacular daily Ausaf published a report against Mr. Ahmad.

Ahmad has been running the shop here for a long time. Now the social hostility has reached the level that one day when he went to get his motorcycle repaired, the mechanic was impolite to him for his faith.

Mr. Ahmad feels disturbed — greatly.