Ahmadi official on duty escapes brutal assault in District Layyah

Chak 464/TDA, District Layyah; February 1, 2021:   Mr. Naeem Ahmad Bajwa, an Ahmadi, was attacked by two men at his school. Most fortunately he escaped the murderous assault.

Mr. Bajwa, headmaster of Government High School Chak 464/TDA, District Layyah was sitting outside in his school on February 1 when two youth came to the school. Mr. Bajwa thought that they had come to him to get some documents verified. So he asked them from a distance to hand over the papers. One of them pulled out a pistol and fired a shot at Mr. Bajwa. The bullet passed over Bajwa’s head and he then ran to a room close by and shut the door. The attacker followed him and also entered the room. However, Mr. Bajwa grabbed the attacker’s hand and called for help. The accomplice had also come in and he started beating Mr. Bajwa. However he held the assailant’s pistol hand firmly. Meanwhile, other teachers and students of the school came there and grabbed both the criminals. They informed the police, who arrived at the school and arrested the felons.

The two attackers are currently at Layyah police station and are under investigation. During the search, pistol and knives were recovered from them. One of them had an ax hidden in his jacket. During the interrogation at the police station, the assailants said that since Mr. Bajwa is a Qadiani, an infidel and a blasphemer, they both decided to kill him. The attackers are associated with Tehreek-e-Labaik Yarsulallah.

This was a very serious assault. Hopefully, the police will go inquire in depth and hold their sponsors accountable.