Berianwala, Toba Tek Singh; February 2024: Mr. Muhammad Afzal left his house at 7 a.m. for the market when he came across a local non-Ahmadi acquaintance, Saddam. Saddam fired 4 or 5 shots at him, one of which hit near Mr. Afzal’s shin. However, he was fortunate to avoid any serious injury. After the shooting, the assailant fled the scene, while shouting a religious slogan.

Mr. Afzal was taken to the Civil Hospital in Gojra, where he was treated.

The incident was reported to the police, who, then, raided the home of the shooter. He had absconded. Efforts are being made to have an FIR formally registered. Two days prior to this incident, opponents held a conference in Berianwala where they declared Mr. Muhammad Afzal ‘a prominent Ahmadi’ and suggested that his removal would help achieve all their objectives.