Chak 261 Adhuwali, District Faisalabad; May 2022: Assailants injured Mr. Sami Ullah, Ahmadi, in an armed attack. He is 28.

            Mr. Sami Ullah was opening his shop, adjacent to his home, when the attackers came on a car and a bike. He ran inside his home to save himself, but the attackers chased and shot him inside his house. One bullet hit his arm while the other hit his ribs. The assailants fled the scene after the assault.

            There has been a significant increase in opposition to Ahmadis in this area in the last few years. Ahmadis who put up some resistance for self-defense are harassed with official assistance. One such case was Mr Naveed Ahmad who was kept behind bars for six months, suffered a lethal attack on release last month.

            Ahmadis do not know what to do to protect themselves.