Qambar Ali Khan, District Larkana; August 03, 2022: Hostility against Ahmadis has intensified as some people beat up Naseer-ud-din Chandio, an opponent of Ahmadis. He accused the Ahmadis of doing this to him. Later, he got registered an FIR against Imran Ahmed, Ahmadi, his elder brother, and brother-in-law.

Earlier, Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmed an Ahmadi, and his family faced hostility due to which they had to migrate. Now Mr. Dilbar Ali is living in Mukhtiar’s house. A few days later, two persons got tough with him. The same night, an Ahmadi boy had to face a clash with his neighbor because of his belief. Also, a pamphlet against three Ahmadi families was distributed; it carried pictures of Mr. Mukhtiar and his son along with a statement that whoever identifies these people, his name will be kept secret and he will be rewarded. “We will expel all the Qadianis from Qambar Ali,” the pamphlet asserted.