Shahzad Colony, District Faisalabad; March 2022: Rashid Ahmad recently set up a junk shop in Rabbani Colony, and named it Abdullah Traders after his son Abdullah. On February 18, a bully entered his shop, objected to the shop’s name (Abdullah Traders) and told Rashid to remove the poster. He called 15 to 20 men of TLP to the spot. They came, raised slogans and beat up Mr. Ahmad. They told him to take down the poster of his shop. When Mr. Ahmad climbed on a stool to do that, they pushed him off the stool, tore down the poster, and threatened him with registering an FIR.

Some people assembled there but, on learning of the Ahmadiyya identity of the proprietor, no one took a stand for him. In the meantime, Ahmad’s brother reached the spot, closed the shop, and they went home.

Thereafter Tehreek-e-Labaik distributed leaflets of Tajdar Khatme Nabuwwat and asked the people of the area to boycott Mr. Ahmad and his family.

After two days of this incident, they held an End of Prophethood conference in the same neighborhood. They slandered Mr. Ahmad’s son Mr. Shafiq Ahmad in the rally, and forced the shop owner to get his shop vacated. 

Ahmad vacated the shop on February 21, 2022. Then, on February 25, an End of Prophethood conference was held again outside his house, where they used vulgar language against the Ahmadiyya Community.