Armed attack on Ahmadi homes in KPK

Peshawar; March 12, 2021Unidentified men fired at Ahmadis’ homes in Bazid Khel at about 1 a.m. night on March 12. Families of Messers Arshad Iqbal, Ruhul Amin and Sahibzada Muhammad Rafiq reside there. Nine shots were aimed at Mr. Arshad’s home while the other two were shot at 4/5 times.

Last month Homeopath Abdul Qadir was shot dead in his clinic in the same village. The opponents took out an anti-Ahmadiyya procession there on February 25, and demanded closure of the clinic. Anti-Ahmadi sermons are delivered in mosques routinely.

It seems the aim of the miscreants is to drive Ahmadis out of the village; they have lived there for long.

The authorities apparently have failed to take effective measures against the extremists and sectarian elements.

The KPK is being ruled by Mr. Mahmood Khan, the chief minister of PTI.