Problems in renovation of Ahmadiyya mosque in Azad Kashmir

Charnari, Tatta Pani, Azad Kashmir; March 6, 2021:    Construction of washrooms etc. was undertaken in the Ahmadiyya mosque here. Muhammad Asif of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah filed a petition in the police station against Kalima (Islamic creed) and niche of the Ahmadiyya mosque here. On his complaint, the police sent for the parties on March 6, 2021. After hearing both sides the police imposed the following agreement:

  1. Muhammad Hanif and others have written the Kalima on their place of worship. A niche like that of a mosque is built there. The TLP may approach a pertinent forum like a court.
  2. Muhammad Hanif and others can build washrooms etc. After the construction they will build a safety wall on the fountain side, up to four feet; they will install the gate after building a safety wall up to seven feet on the front road.
  3. After the completion of this construction, Muhammad Hanif and others will not undertake any further extension. If they need it, they may do so only with court permission.
  4. If anyone violates this pact, legal action will be taken against him.

Both parties signed the pact.