Hameed Ahmad
son of Sharif Ahmad, Attock
Martyred on June 4, 2016

63-Year-Old Shot Dead In-front of His House

Hameed Ahmad Sahib son of Sharif Ahmad Sahib was martyred on the 4th of June at the age of 63.

Hameed Sahib was coming home from offering Zuhr prayer at the mosque. He had just reached the gate of his house when unknown assailants shot him from veery close range killing him there and then.

Huzoor-e-Aqdas (may Allah strengthen his blessed hand) mentions in his Friday sermon on 10th June 2016:

“Hameed Sahib held many qualities, preaching, catering for guests and helping the poor just to name a few. He would passionately partake in financial sacrifice. Many individuals and families done Ba’ait because of the efforts of Hameed Sahib. He faced a lot of oppression, once someone unsuccessfully tried to set fire to his local mosque and his clinic. He would come to the UK for Jalsa and it was his desire to offer all his prayers in the Fazl Mosque. His daughter states that he would listen to the live sermons of Khalifatul Messieh and send recordings of it to his friends on WhatsApp.”

(Friday sermon, June 10th, 2016)