Rabwah; September 7, 2023: Commemorating the passage of 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan in 1974, through which Ahmadis were declared not-Muslim, mullas hold rallies and conferences every year on September 7. This amendment opened the gates of persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

            Like previous years, mullas gathered in Rabwah to commemorate this “historic” event. The 36th Khatme Nabuwwat Conference was organized in Mulla Shabbir Ahmad Usmani’s Madrassah situated in Muslim Colony, a neighborhood of Rabwah on its east ridge. The first session started at 11:50 pm and ended at 12:55; around 70-80 people attended the session. The next session started at 2:10 pm and continued till 5:25 pm in the evening. Around 200 people attended this session. Around 600 people attended the third and the last session, which started at 9:15 pm and concluded around 3:00 pm at night.

Following mullas delivered speeches at the event:

Maulvi Muhammad Ameen Qasimi of Lahore: Qari Azam Hussain of Lahore; Maulvi Abdul Rauf of Mecca; Maulvi Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi Chairman Ulama Council Pakistan; Maulvi Ahmad Ali Siraj of Saudi Arabia; Maulvi Zakir ur Rahman Nazim Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan; Maulvi Muhammad Ishfaq Chishti of Tehreek e Minhaaj Pakistan, Maulvi Zahid Mahmood Qasmi Chairman Ulama Council of Faisalabad, Maulvi Ilyas Chinioti, Advocate Shahbaz Ahmad Gujjar of Jhang; Syed Kafeel Shah Bukhari Markazi Ameer of Majlis Ahrar Multan. The gist of their rhetoric was:

Qadianis are infidels, deniers of the End of Prophethood and are outside the circle of Islam. Stay away from Qadianis and implement complete social boycott of them. September 7 is a historic day when the National Assembly of Pakistan unanimously declared Qadianis as non-Muslims. We are thankful to the government of that time as they gave a historic verdict as true Muslims. Religious scholars and Islamic nations are silent. We pay tribute to IG Punjab who restored the police check post in Chenab Nagar, otherwise Qadianis would have usurped the check post and the adjacent mosque. We thank Chief Minister of Punjab who has barred Qadianis from using Islamic symbols and offering sacrifice. American, British agencies use Qadianis to create mischief. Qadianis have no right to live in our country. We would become one hand to shatter them. Under PPC 298, no Qadiani can use Islamic symbols. There is an unrest among the supporters of Qadianis for not letting them offer sacrifice or construct worship places. When Qadianis build minarets, the police destroys these after writ petition. Why the police do not take notice earlier. Under the garb of Islam, Qadianis use the pillars of Islam and its symbols; that is why they are more dangerous than other infidels, etc.