Brussels-EU, July 13, 2021:  CAP Freedom of Conscience held an online Event during the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council. Its topic was ‘Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims Worldwide’.

Sir Edward Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, chaired the Event. The speakers included, inter alia:

  • Dr. Ahmad Shaheed (UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief)
  • Dr. Fernand de Varennes (UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues)
  • Ms. Irene Khan  (UN Special Rapporteur on Promotion and Protection of Freedom of Opinion and Expression)

After the Event, the UNHR High Commissioner Office issued a three-page statement by the three Rapporteurs. It is reproduced at Annex V to this report. It is also available at:

The statement mentions “reports of religious intolerance, discrimination and violence perpetrated against this Community by state officials as well as non-state actors in a number of countries, including Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”

The Statement, politely, did not highlight the leading role played in this context by Pakistan in the above shortlist. However, the proceedings of the Event repeatedly mentioned the anti-Ahmadiyya activities and events in Pakistan. It is no use sweeping the dirt under the carpet and saying, “No, it is all false, no such things are happening in Pakistan”, as is often done to reports issued by USCIRF and Amnesty International, etc. The correct attitude and reaction would be to study the Statement carefully and put right all that can be put right; it would be more in the interest of Pakistan than the UN HR Council.