Ahmadiyya situation in Pakistan as assessed by a prominent vlogger

Humsub.com, February 4, 2022:      Mr. Aniq Naji uploaded on January 30, 2022 his vlog on the subject of Ahmadis’ situation in Pakistan, and proposed a solution. It is in Urdu. One Alamnigar reproduced it partly in humsub.com.pk/442283/alam.nigar-7 and commented on it. Here, we reproduce the translation of Naji’s observations, as these fairly and candidly describe the Ahmadis’ plight in their homeland:

            “We should understand that Pakistani Islam is something different that has nothing to do with original religion of Islam.

            “Ahmadis are being persecuted in Pakistan — no doubt about that. However, I would like to say something different to the Ahmadi community. Look, you will have to look for an out-of-the-box solution; if not today, after another 20 years. The reason is that your current response, that you have pursued all along, has given you little except more funerals, humiliation and insults, and has put you at risk. If you continue on this path, I see no relief or justice for you for long…..

            “In this situation, you have secluded yourself in a corner and expect to be respected. By respect, I mean the right to live. This is a state of paralysis (baibasi). I’m sorry to say that, but that is the fact.

            “Your problem will not get solved in the next twenty, thirty or fifty years. This tyranny will continue. Suggestions on better treatment of Ahmadis are logical and sensible. Nevertheless, how will Pakistan act logically and sensibly in religious issues. It is not in our DNA. We will continue to defy logic, we will act emotionally, and we will shout slogans.

            “You essentially appeal to our ‘sense of decency’; but we have no ‘sense of decency’. You address our collective conscience and demand the right to live, to be considered human, to be treated at par as per the Constitution; but this collective conscience is not present there; you are simply talking to a wall. You are simply playing music to a buffalo (who is unable to appreciate it). Sense of decency does not exist there; there is no conscience…”

            Thereafter, he (Mr. Naji) advised Ahmadis to give up their stance and accept that of the opponent mulla.

            The column-writer replied to Mr. Naji, “If this is accepted, there shall be no more principle or conscience left in the world. Religious beliefs are not the stuff that undergoes change when the believer moves from country to country. Nor does a believer declare for the sake of convenience that he accepts this dogma for the next forty or fifty years and he will consider revisiting this belief thereafter to decide whether to maintain the same or change it. Real peace emanates from principles. Set aside principles and you’ll deprive yourself of law, order and peace.”