PS Shehr Sultan, District Muzaffar Garh (Punjab):  The police registered a case here against 8 Ahmadis on 9 September 2022, with FIR No. 593, under sections concerning force and property.

            The issue was illegal occupation of an Ahmadi’s house. It was sub-judice. The dispute led to an attempt to re-possess it.

            The opponent party turned the personal dispute into a communal one by seeking help from the notorious Tehrik Labbaik (TLP). They laid siege to the police station.

            The police calmed the mob down by registering a criminal case against eight Ahmadis, namely Messrs. Mahmud Ahmad, Sharif Ahmad, Saghir Ahmad, Shoaib Ahmad, Javed Ahmad, Jameel Ahmad, Adil Sharif and Wahid Hasan.

            The police raided the house of Mr. Shoaib Ahmad to arrest him. He was not there, so they detained his 80-year old father Mr. Bashir Ahmad, instead.

            As the issue was agitated greatly on social media, the provincial political section took interest and moved in support of the Ahmadi-bashers.

            It is tough these days to be an Ahmadi citizen in the Punjab.