Joharabad, District Khushab; October 2021: Two Ahmadi brothers Mr. Atif Ijaz and Mr. Kashif Ijaz were running here a shop called Ali Mobiles. On 14th October 2021, the owner of their shop came to them. He told the brothers to vacate the shop because the local president of PML-Q Malik Ilyas had filed an application against their shop in which he stated that the Qadiani’s shop is located in front of the niche of their mosque. He wrote that Muslims pray and prostrate towards it. The owner also told the brothers that if they vacate the shop by Thursday, he will reimburse the security amount of the shop, otherwise not. They had to close down their only business.

A few years back, they had to vacate another shop adjacent to this one. They had to pay more rent and advance to rent this one, but now this had to be vacated as well.

Similarly, Mr. Amjad Hayat was living with his family in a rented house in Joharabad. The landlord told him to vacate the house by October. He saw a house for rent in Shabbir Colony but even there the landlord refused to accommodate him because of his faith. Ahmadis in different districts of Punjab are facing similar problems.