Bet Nasirabad,  D G Khan; July 1, 2021:   Anti-Ahmadi activities are going on in this area. Nasir Public School here is run by an Ahmadi. The school is up to class VIII; it has 64 Ahmadi and 47 non-Ahmadi students. Sectarian opponents lodged an application with the police that Ahmadis preach their religion and beliefs in the school. The police therefore came to the school for inquiry. They asked non-Ahmadi students if Ahmadis teach them their beliefs. To this, they replied in the negative. The DSP then summoned the parties. He told the complainants, “We have inquired and found that Ahmadis do not preach their faith to the students”.

Thereafter, on July 1, 2021, the Assistant Education Officer came over to the school and sealed it. On asking, he said that the school was not registered. He was told that online application for school’s registration has been made and it is under process with the department. He could verify this with the concerned office. Then he came up with the lame excuse, “You preach your religion here”. He was told that that was not true, the police had investigated the matter and found the complaint to be false. He replied that his superiors had ordered him to seal the school, and he had accordingly done so.

Thereafter, Ahmadis contacted the Registration Department who have conveyed no objection to the request, and that the application is under process. The Education Department has been requested to open the school in view of the official findings.