Chak 109 RB, Jaranwala District Faisalabad; April 18, 2022:   Miss Shams ul Mubeen is a student of Second Year at Degree College, Chak 209 RB District Faisalabad.

            On April 18, someone sprayed graffiti against the Principal on college walls and tore up Quranic verses, Ahadith and Khatme Nabuwwat inscriptions. The Principal accused Mubeen of the mischief; she vehemently denied the accusation.

            Thereafter the college administration posted a notice that the one guilty of tearing away Quranic and Hadith posters will be duly punished.

            Under the circumstances, Mubeen had to stop going to the college. However, in view of the commencement of the exams, she has started attending the college again.