Chenab Nagar (Rabwah); 28, 29 October 2021:      Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (AMTKN), the leading anti-Ahmadiyya organization held a 2-day rally in the Ahmadiyya headquarters town of Rabwah. Authorities permitted this conference despite the fact that both the federal and the provincial governments were facing a crisis situation precipitated by another sectarian and extremist organization — the TLP. The TLP killed eight policemen and injured hundreds others, on their march towards Islamabad.

            The Ahmadiyya central office had written to the concerned authorities, a few weeks earlier, of the AMTKN intention to hold this conference, and had requested its cancellation in view of the sensitive situation prevailing in the country. The authorities, however, showed no will to dissuade the mullas from their program in which they do little else than use vitriolic language against the local community and incite their audience to indulge in sectarian violence.

            The conference was held over two days, in five sessions, as planned. It was almost a repeat of similar conferences held in previous years. The mullas competed with one another in their negative comments against Ahmadis. It is neither necessary nor appropriate to report all that they uttered, however a brief sampling of their statements would be in order to place on record the social and cultural evil they undertake in the name of religion. As these are in violation of the law of the land, these deserve a place in archives to hold all those responsible accountable.

1st Session: October 27; 10:30 to 13:10; presided by Mufti Hasan of Lahore; attendance 550

  • Mulla Irshad of Muslim Colony, Chenab Nagar said (extracts): “Qadiani Community comprises liars. They committed atrocities in 1974 at the railway station, whereby many Muslims were martyred. In the near future Qadianis will flee from Pakistan. Qadianis attempted to occupy Baluchistan; they now intend to occupy entire Pakistan. Leave alone entire Pakistan, we’ll not let them occupy even an inch of this land.”
    • (Note. The mulla lied; no one died or was killed at the railway station.)
  • Mulla Abdul Basit of Baluchistan said, “May Allah allow us to die while defending the Khatme Nabuwwat (KN). We’ll not let any harm come to this belief.”
  • Mulla Abdulla of Karachi said, “Gohar Shahi attempted burglary in the sacred house of Islam. Riaz Gohar Shahi targeted the Holy Prophet (pbuh). He blasphemed against Adam too. He called himself Mushkal Kusha (problem solver) and Mehdi. For this reason courts sentenced him to death. The followers of Gohar Shahi are Kafir and Murtad (apostates).”
  • Mulla Ziauddin of Mamun Kanjan said, “Our belief is to accept death over the honour of the Holy Prophet. If anyone talks nonsense over his KN, we’ll deal with him.”
  • Mulla Abdul Razzaq of Laki Marwat said, “We’ll crush the villain who commits robbery against the belief in KN.”
  • Mulla Lutfullah of Sindh said, “Till you do not curse the Qadianiat, you don’t do justice to Seerat-un-Nabi.” This was followed by repeated slogans: Countless curses on Qadianis.
  • Qari Jamil Akhtar of Lahore demanded that Qadianis should be removed from all key posts. (Note: The mulla forgets that the removals were done decades ago.)
  • Mulla Zubair of Toba said, “Qadianis deliberately get police cases registered against them, so as to avail asylum in Europe….Muslims are duty bound to boycott Qadianis and their products.”

Second Sessions: October 27; 14:10 to 16:20; presided by Maulvi Aziz ur Rahman Sani; attendance 7500

  • Mulla Ismail of Multan said, “After the descent of Hazrat Isa, he and Imam Mehdi will first kill Dajjal (anti-Christ), thereafter they will kill the Jews, and then rule over the whole would.”
  • Mufti Azamatulla of Bannu said, “The US and allies wanted to destroy Afghanistan and the beard, but they themselves met disgrace. Qadianis similarly will be disgraced and will flee from Pakistan.”
  • Mulla Aleemuddin of Lahore said, “Qadianis, your Prophet never herded goats. Our Prophet herded these. Imran Khan, listen, if you played around with KN, you will come to naught.”
  • Pir Abdul Majeed of Shikarpur said, “The British, apart from other things, planted Qadianism here. They raised a fake prophet, and made him a claimant to prophethood. It was an attack on our elders. We’ll surely counter this attack.”
  • Mulla Qayyum Haqqani of KPK said, “Taliban, by defeating the US in Afghanistan, have raised the banner of KN. This banner will now be raised all over Pakistan.” (Note: The intention is noteworthy.)
  • Mulla Amjad of Lahore said, “Taliban, having conquered Afghanistan, will head for Kashmir — thereafter Palestine. Keep an eye on the Jewish lobby. Raise slogans loud enough to reach Bani Gala… Only Maulana Fazlur Rahman can turn Pakistan into a Riasat Madinah.”

Third Session: October 28; 19:45 to 01:20; presided by Sahibzada Aziz Ahmad of Kundian; attendance 9500

  • Mulla Atiq ur Rahman Hazarvi said, “Recite the Drud so loudly that Qadianis flee from this town. Boycott Qadianis’ products.”
  • Mulla Abdul Rahman of Talha Gang said that just as the recitation of Drud on the Holy Prophet (pbuh) brings Sawab (Divine reward), “similarly cursing the Mirza brings Sawab, as he was a fabricator and liar (kazzab)”.
  • Kafil Shah Bokhari of Multan said, “If someone disturbs the law on KN, we’ll drag him in streets.”
  • Mulla Abdul Shakoor of Faisalabad said, “Mirza Qadiani is the worst man anywhere. We are not acquiring Kashmir because of Qadianis. Bangladesh too got separated because of them.”
  • Mulla Mateen Khalid said, “If a Qadiani recites the Islamic Creed, or writes the same at home or on his shop, he violates PPC 295-C. Supreme Court itself has given a verdict to that effect. Qadianis are fraudulent, and fraudsters have no rights.”
  • Mulla Sirajul Haq (JI) said, “It is obvious that… one who demands a proof for Ahmadis’ Kufr, is also a Kafir. Even after 74 years (of Pakistan’s existence), Qadianis and their system’s presence poses us a great challenge. We condemn the proposed Bill in Sindh Assembly that disallows a non-adult to change religion.”
  • Mulla Ilyas Chiniot MPA said, “The Jewish lobby is fully patronizing the Qadianis. Similarly, European countries are also supporting them financially and providing them all assistance.”
  • Mulla Zahid M Qasmi said, “O Qadianis, we’ll chase and crush you all over the globe. You are traitors to the Constitution and robbers of the Khatme Nabuwwat. It is not distant future when all of you will flee from Pakistan.”
  • Pir Zulfiqar Ali Naqshbandi said, “O honorless Qadianis; listen, you are robbers of KN; we’ll never let you do away with the constitutional amendment regarding Khatme Nabuwwat.”

Fourth Session: October 28; 10:00 to 13:10; presided by Maulvi Aziz ur Rahman Sani; attendance 10,000

  • Mulla Mukhtar of Mirpur said, “The greatest mischief (fitna) in the country is Qadianiat. They are a terrorist organization. They have turned Rabwah into a separate state.”
  • Mulla Tausif Ahmad said: “There was a time when Muslims could not enter Rabwah, but thanks to our elders’ efforts, now Muslims can go anywhere in Rabwah as desired.”
  • Mulla Mujib ur Rahman of Shikarpur said, “Imran Khan’s government would like Pakistan to become a Qadiani state, but we’ll not let that happen. Qadianis consider the British to be their patrons. Mirza Qadiani, in order to please the British, declared Jihad to be haraam (unlawful in Shariah). We’ll not allow this conspiracy to succeed.”
  • Mulla Abid Shami of Gujranwala said, “Qadianis blaspheme. A blasphemer is Wajib-ul Qatl (must be put to death).”
  • Mulla Rashid of R Y Khan said, ‘Qadianis’ worship is nothing but fraud and deceit.”
  • Abdulla Gul son of Lt Gen (R) Hameed Gul said, “Pakistan is now a battle field. It came into being on a principle (Naziria); no law will come into force that violates Quran and Sunnah. Only Afghanistan can protect Muslims, as it defeated big powers (Nakon chaney chabwaey). The situation in Pakistan is bad; the army and the people confront each other.”

Last Session: October 28; 14:10 to 16:00; presided by Maulvi Nasiruddin Khakwani; attendance 12000

  • Mufti Popalzai of KPK said, “The TLP is also protecting the Khatme Nabuwwat, while the government is douching them with acid. I remind the rulers of the fate of former rulers; you also will turn into ‘former’ some day.”
  • Maulvi Fazl ur Rahman (JUI-F) arrived at the venue at 15:10. He addressed the crowd and said, “Qadianiat is a great mischief (fitna) in the Sub-continent; it must be crushed (sarkobi). God has chosen us to safeguard the belief in Khatme Nabuwwat — it is a great honour….If the rulers disturbed the Islamic provisions (in law) they will be disgraced and debased. We shall work as warriors (sipahi) of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat.”


Most of the audience were Pashtuns.

Most of the banners were of JUI-F, so was the management.

Although the authorities had not permitted the management to offer the Friday Prayers in the Central Park of the Colony, but they still did that. They even announced that from next year onward they will hold the conference in the Park.

In a Resolution, the conference demanded that important chowks (squares) in all cities be re-named as Khatme Nabuwwat Chowk, as already done in 28 cities and towns.

The conference, in a resolution, expressed profound thanks to the District Chiniot administration for full co-operation to facilitate the conference.

Another resolution admired the Punjab and AJK Assemblies for including the KN affidavit in Nikah (marriage) forms. It thanked Mr. Pervez Elahi the Speaker of Punjab Assembly and the movers of that resolution, and urged them to keep alight the lamp of KN and Namus Risalat in corridors of (political) power.

Other than those mentioned in the report above, following mullas also addressed the crowd: Mujahid Mahmud, Rabwah; Inayatulah, Quetta; Haroon ur Rashid, Rawalpindi; Hafiz M Idrees; Mufti Saeed, Chicha Watni; M Sumro, Sindh; Aziz ur Rahman, Faisalabad; Nurul Haq, Karachi; Faisal Mahmud, Lahore; M. Tayyab, Faisalabad; Ziaullah Bokhari, Sahiwal; Rashid Madni, Tando Adam; M Idrees, Quetta; Tajamal Hussain, Nawab Shah; Jamil Bandhani, Sukkar; Karim Bux, Multan.A Question: We again raise the question about the source of funds that made it possible for 12000 men to come from all over and coverage on Rabwah to avail 2-day hospitality and listen to speeches that promoted violence (read terror) unabashedly.