Dr Naeemuddin Khattak

Peshawar; October 5, 2020: Another Ahmadi was target-killed in Peshawar KP, for his faith early this month. The victim was Professor Dr. Naeem ud Din Khattak. He was 56, had a doctorate in Zoology, and taught at the Superior Science College. On October 5, he was driving homeward when unidentified assassins shot him dead at about 13:30. He was hit with five bullets. He left behind his widow, three daughters, and two sons.

Peshawar has been a hotbed of anti-Ahmadi violent activism in recent weeks. The following brief resume would show that:

July 29:           Mr. Tahir Ahmad Naseem, a Pak-American, former Ahmadi, was shot dead in a courtroom in the presence of the judge.

August 12:      Syed Imran A Shah MNA, addressing the National Assembly demanded the immediate release of the killer, and suggested that the state should pay his Diyyat (compensation) to obtain his release. Mr. Asad Qaisar, the Speaker in his presiding remarks said, “… You, Masha Allah have said something of great merit,…”

August 12:      Mr. Mairaj Ahmad, Ahmadi was shot dead in Dabgari, Peshawar by an unidentified killer in the evening. He was murdered subsequent to repeated threats on social media. The killer thugs boldly displayed their phone numbers in their messages.

August 13: Penal Discussion on Dawn TV (Zara Hat Kay): Someone’s tweet was displayed:

Alhamdo Lillah (God be praised). Another Qadiani was killed in Peshawar city. Wait for some more. Do share this post and like my page.”

August 17:      Senator Ata Ur Rahman (JUI-F) spoke against Ahamdis in the Senate and, in a ruse, accused the rulers of promoting and supporting Ahmadis.

September 3: In a TV program led by Orya Maqbool Jan, a known Islamist, Minister Ali Muhammad Khan called the Founder of Ahmadiyyat Malun (cursed), Ahmadiyyat as the greatest mischief (fitna) against Islam, and boasted that Pakistan has not indulged in blood-soaked violence against Ahmadis as Israel against Palestinians and India against Kashmiri Muslims.

September 6: Senator Mushtaq A Khan (JI) in a public Khatme Nabuwwat rally in Peshawar called Ahmadis “Traitor to the Constitution of Pakistan” and termed them “mercenaries of the US, of the Realm of Disbelief (Aalame Kufr)”.

September 7: Fazl ur Rahman (JUI) organized a big anti-Ahmadi rally in Peshawar. He talked in terms of blood and said, “If an attempt is made to amend the Blasphemy law, we shall have ourselves cut to pieces (kat marein gey)”. Another mulla said, “So long as the moths (parwaney) of End of Prophethood are there, no son of a mother can touch the law on Khatme Nabuwwat.”

September 8: A pre-arranged very hostile mob surrounded an Ahmadi family’s house in Peshawar, falsely accusing a youth of blasphemy. The police managed to evacuate the family to safety at 3 a.m.

September 10:           The police placated the mullas by registering a fabricated blasphemy case against the rescued Ahmadi youth, and arrested him. He faces the death penalty if declared guilty.

September 20:           An unidentified man attacked Mr. Gulzar Ahmad, Ahmadi in Dalgra Bazar, Peshawar. The victim is the brother of Mr. Mairaj Ahmad, killed five weeks earlier for his belief. Gulzar was hit with five bullets – 4 in the leg, one on hand. Fortunately, he survived.

October 5:      Professor Khattak was shot dead while driving homeward at about 13:30.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is ruled by PTI. No PTI politician has condemned the attacks. The administration has not yet arrested the team who is planning and organizing these murders, nor the Twitter account holder who promised: “Wait for some more.” He did not commit himself to an end figure.

The daily Dawn made an editorial comment on this incident in its issue of October 7, 2020. It is very apt and readable. This editorial can be read at https://www.dawn.com/news/1583705