Miraaj Ahmad, Peshawar
Martyred on August 12, 2020

Miraaj Ahmad was martyred on 12th August 2020 at age of 61. He left behind his wife, three sons and a daughter.

According to the report Mr. Mairaj Ahmad S/o Mr. Mahmood Ahmad was shot dead at around 9.10 pm on 12th August, 2020 in Dubgari Garden, Peshawar. He was 61 years old. He was running the medicine business. His Family has been subject to persecution for a long time due to his religious belief and a boycott movement has been being carried out against his family on social media. Several workers rejected his offer of working on his shop.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 21th August 2020,

“On 12th August, the opponents of Ahmadiyyat shot him in front of his medical store. He was struck by four bullets which were the cause of his immediate death. His son had just left the store a little while before his father, and upon learning of the incident, by the time he arrived back, his father had already died. Miraj Ahmad sahib accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1990, after which he was made to face great trials and persecution. He would find difficulty in employing people, as no one would want to work with him because he was an Ahmadi. He was regular in offering his daily prayers, regular in reciting the Holy Qur’an and regularly listened to the Friday Sermon. He was very hospitable, kind-hearted and helped the poor. He would give the poor free medicine from his store. Though he had gone to live with his son in Australia, he eventually returned after a couple of years, saying that the love for his country and his sense of duty to serve its people did not allow him to live anywhere else. His Holiness(aba) commented that this was his zeal and passion to serve his country, yet the clerics of this country seem to have no purpose other than to torment Ahmadis and commit such atrocities. He left behind his wife, three sons and a daughter.”

(Friday sermon of 21th August 2020)