Business problems due faith (Islamabad)

Islamabad; January 2022:  Mr. Nasim Ahmad, Ahmadi, was one of the accused in the police case concerning a school owned by an Ahmadi in Rajanpur. The police detained him for months in this case. He had an oil business in Islamabad, for which he had rented four shops and a flat. While incarcerated, he was told to vacate the rented building as the owner intimated excessive pressure from the religious lobby.

Accordingly, Mr. Ahmad vacated the building and acquired on rent a business location a few furlongs away. However, on January 21, the owner visited him and told him to vacate the shops and the flat as he was a Qadiani. He, however, offered a concession: “If you disassociate yourself from the Mirza, we’ll treat you as a brother; otherwise vacate the building in February.” Mr. Nasim Ahmad told him to rest assured that he would vacate the shops.