Malik Salim Latif, Nankana Sahib
Martyred on March 30, 2017

Mr Malik Salim Latif who was an Advocate and also Sadr Jamaat of Nankana Sahib in Pakistan was martyred on 30th March 2017. 

On the 30th March 2017, he left his house at 9am for court, accompanied by his son. On the way, an enemy of Ahmadiyyat opened fire and he was martyred as a result.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 31st March 2017,

”The deceased possessed many qualities. He was very sociable and hospitable. Aside from showing hospitality to the guests from the centre, compassion for the poor was an evident trait of his. He was ever ready to help everyone. He was regular in his prayers and had a special connection with Khilafat. He was a brave and courageous individual. Alongside the other members of the Jamaat he faced severe persecution. In 1989 many Ahmadi homes, including the home of the deceased, were ransacked and set on fire by the opponents. Despite all these circumstances he always remained steadfast and confronted the opponents valiantly. In 2010 he had the opportunity to assist in the building of the local mosque.

The deceased is survived by two sons and one daughter. May Allah elevate the status of the deceased and may He enable his children to increase in their virtuous deeds. May He arrange for the swift capture of the opponents.

(Friday sermon of 31st March 2017)